Vlad 1.2.0 Released

– Modified the vlad-play.sh and vlad-play-internal.sh script files to accept a user parameter as -u as well a tags parameter (-t).
– Some commits to fix the Travis build process.
– Added the vlad_synced_folder_mount_options variable in order to allow for parameters to be passed to the NFS creation.
– Added Ubuntu 16.04 and Centos 7.
– Added option for PHP 7 and 7.1.
– Removed suppoert for Ubuntu 12.
– Fix for variable syntax in Ansible 2.
– Added Drupal console back into the default build of Vlad.
– Setting the max version of ansible required to 2.1.
– Fixing xhprof install, also added SSL profiling.
– Removed aberdeencloud cli role.
– Some minor syntax changes and code tidy up.
– Thanks to wizonesolutions for providing many of the fixes in this version!

Notice: Previous Vlad projects that used Ubuntu 12 will no longer work correctly with the new version due to Ubuntu 12 being removed. Also, the changes to the new PHP repo will cause issues with current builds that are reprovisioned.

Vlad 1.2.0 Released

Vlad 1.1.7 Released

✝ Breaking changes ✝

  • Vlad no longer handles Drush site aliases (add aliases via your site codebase or via a custom playbook).
  • The .vagrant directory is now placed beside vlad_settings.yml
  • Updated from CentOS 6.6 to 6.7 (vlad_os will now expect a value of “centos67”)
  • Now using “bento” base boxes for all operating systems & providers.

Non-breaking changes

  • Tweaked defaults as discussed in #345
  • Shell prompt: allow force copying of .bash_prompt + housekeeping
  • Merge pull request #346 from christopher-hopper/feature/git-drush-bash-prompt
  • Turn-off git upstream checks in bling bash prompt.
  • Return cross symbol to bling bash prompt.
  • Show hostname in bling bash prompt title bar
  • Whitespace and line endings for bling bash prompt
  • Return Apotropaic properties to bash prompt
  • Configure and enable improved bash prompt
  • Enable drush bash completion and prompt for all
  • Move dev branch info to CONTRIBUTING Issues heading
  • Use named anchor for issues in Contributing guide
  • Add Github contribution guidelines file
  • Added leading zero to octal file permission.
  • Travis now lints site.yml playbook again.
  • Refactored use of Ansible `sudo` to `become`.
  • Added a Vlad debug role to aid with testing and development.
  • Reverting a small change in the version file retrieval, now using the indentory_dir ansible variable
  • minor cleanup from #333 / #324
  • fix #335 suppress re-initialize output noise
  • Drush role now lives in Ansible Galaxy
  • Merge pull request #333 from wizonesolutions/fix-local_inventory_dir
  • Use an extra var for inventory directory.
  • Added in variable and option to select optional packages to install (as per issue #205)
  • Removed the “resume” trigger from the vagrant triggers as this isn’t needed really (fixing issue #329)
  • Removed another whitespace character in the example settings file that could cause a syntax error if left in there
  • Removed the whitespace from in front of the variables in the example settings file
  • Removed an instance of duplicate variable (vm_cpus and vm_membory)
  • Fix #324 set fallback value for inventory_dir
  • Removed a syntax error from the local_up_services.yml file (duplicate command on a task)
  • Fix issue #324 by using the inventory_dir variable instead of a relative reference to the file in the host.ini file creation and the Vlad version lookup
  • Vagrantfile comment house keeping.
  • Merge pull request #317 from zxaos/308-unify-base-boxes
  • Merge pull request #312 from zxaos/253-move-vagrant-dir
  • Merge pull request #320 from zxaos/266-remove-ansible-ssh-key
  • Remove ansible ssh key config in default ansible settings
  • Add libselinux-python to centos build
  • Added support to install Drush from packaged file download
  • Pantheon_import_site is now pantheon_import
  • Merge pull request #311 from zxaos/update-example-settings
  • Fixed/updated D8 (stable) install script
  • Added a task to the base role to setup the guest machines /etc/hosts file with the currently defined local urls (as per issue #298)
  • Merge pull request #306 from mvance/innodb_import_performance
  • Adding options to allow for better innodb import performance.
  • Merge pull request #303 from wizonesolutions/bug-fix-pantheon
  • Merge pull request #300 from mvance/ruby_install_fix
  • Now using ansible-role-pantheon-cli 1.0.0.beta.3
  • Resolving issue #295 by installing Ruby earlier.
  • Merge pull request #292 from wizonesolutions/feature-pantheon-import
  • Add support for importing Pantheon sites.
  • Solr is now managed by a Galaxy Role
  • Initial run of drush now with sudo to allow drush 6.x to resolve dependencies
  • Merge pull request #286 from zxaos/dev
  • Settings can now be stored at [greatgrandparent_directory]/settings/
  • Created a composer.json file for integration with composer packages and packagist.org
  • Added option to create a private files directory in vlad_aux on provision
  • Some tweaks to the .gitignore file to remove some over zealous file exclusion rules
  • Added PECL extension for Redis to Redis task (enhancement #275)
  • Added versions into the tomcat and solr requirements.yml file, also added the tomcat role into the site.yml provisioning file
  • Some other smaller comments, documentation, housekeeping, formatting and idempotency changes.

Changelog: http://vlad-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/project/changelog

Vlad 1.1.7 Released

Vlad 1.1.4 Released

There are a few breaking changes in Vlad 1.1.4. The most important to realise is that the ‘vlad’ directory is now called ‘vlad_guts’.


  • Vlad’s custom role feature has been upgraded to support a full custom playbook (therefore potentially supporting multiple roles).
    • See Custom playbook for details.
    • Settings files will need to be amended to use new variables.
    • Existing custom roles will need to be amended to work as standalone playbooks.
    • Vlad vars & settings will not be automatically passed to the custom playbook.
    • Vlad handlers will not be automatically made available to the custom playbook.
    • The custom playbook’s name & location is completely flexible.
  • Changed the core ‘vlad’ directory to be called ‘vlad_guts’ (#258).


  • Fix for directory not being accessible when using NPM (#223).
  • Fix for DNS addresses not being resolved correctly (#252).
  • Moved Vagrant Cachier support from :machine to :box (#257).
  • Fix for vmware provisioning (pull request #256).
  • Correction of syntax in a Solr provisioning task (pull request #251).
  • Correction of typo in main Vlad index.php file.
  • Added MySQL slow query log support (#155).
  • Added support for provisioning with a custom base box.

For a full list of changes please see the changelog : https://vlad-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/project/changelog

Vlad 1.1.4 Released