Vlad 1.1.6 released


  • Vlad now always uses vlad_settings.yml instead of settings.yml (wherever it’s located).
  • Vlad now always uses vlad_local_settings.yml instead of local_settings.yml (wherever it’s located).


  • Hosting CLI tools (Pantheon & AberdeenCloud)
  • More Drush options
  • More (some) Ansible Galaxy
  • Option to install fresh Drupal on provision
  • Bug fixes
  • Refactoring
  • Improved idempotence

Changelog: http://vlad-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/project/changelog

Vlad 1.1.6 released

Vlad 1.1 released

User-facing highlights that you should be made aware of are as follows:


  • Multisite support. webserver_hostname_alias is now webserver_hostname_aliases and expects an array. See Variables – Webserver.
  • Support for multiple databases. dbname now expects an array. See Variables – MySQL.
  • Vlad requires Vagrant 1.6.4 or higher (Vlad will check).
  • Automatic database dumps now reside in vlad_aux/db_io/halt_destroy and are named after each database.
  • Optional automatic database import now points at vlad_aux/db_io/halt_destroy if set to true.

Non-breaking changes

  • Drush make support. See Variables – Drush make.
  • Automatic database dumps on halt/destroy now work again.
  • Amends to how Ansible playbooks need to be run if used separately from Vagrant. See Ansible.
  • Drush backups now relocated to vlad_aux/drush_backups.
  • Drush dumps now relocated to vlad_aux/db_io/drush_dumps.
  • Added Drupal 6 install script.
  • Drush alias support. See Variables – Other settings.
  • Now using Drush’s example .drush_bashrc file by default (dr & dssh FTW!).
  • Vlad now supports Windows.
  • Added a script called vlad-play.sh in order to help run Ansible tasks on the Vlad box. See Ansible.

This is not everything. The full change log is available here:


Vlad 1.1 released

Changes to which software is installed by default

Which software that is installed through Vlad by default has now been altered in the interest of simplicity and shorter build times out of the box. The new defaults are effectively a LAMP stack plus Drush.

Software that is no longer installed by default:

  • MailCatcher
  • PimpMyLog
  • rbenv
  • Sendmail
  • Varnish

With Varnish no longer installed by default it’s also worth noting that the default HTTP port is now 80 (was 8080).

If your settings files made presumptions about these defaults you may want to tweak them accordingly.

This change is now in effect on the dev branch.

Github issue: https://github.com/hashbangcode/vlad/issues/149

Changes to which software is installed by default