Vlad 1.2.0 Released

– Modified the vlad-play.sh and vlad-play-internal.sh script files to accept a user parameter as -u as well a tags parameter (-t).
– Some commits to fix the Travis build process.
– Added the vlad_synced_folder_mount_options variable in order to allow for parameters to be passed to the NFS creation.
– Added Ubuntu 16.04 and Centos 7.
– Added option for PHP 7 and 7.1.
– Removed suppoert for Ubuntu 12.
– Fix for variable syntax in Ansible 2.
– Added Drupal console back into the default build of Vlad.
– Setting the max version of ansible required to 2.1.
– Fixing xhprof install, also added SSL profiling.
– Removed aberdeencloud cli role.
– Some minor syntax changes and code tidy up.
– Thanks to wizonesolutions for providing many of the fixes in this version!

Notice: Previous Vlad projects that used Ubuntu 12 will no longer work correctly with the new version due to Ubuntu 12 being removed. Also, the changes to the new PHP repo will cause issues with current builds that are reprovisioned.

Vlad 1.2.0 Released