Vlad 1.1.4 Released

There are a few breaking changes in Vlad 1.1.4. The most important to realise is that the ‘vlad’ directory is now called ‘vlad_guts’.


  • Vlad’s custom role feature has been upgraded to support a full custom playbook (therefore potentially supporting multiple roles).
    • See Custom playbook for details.
    • Settings files will need to be amended to use new variables.
    • Existing custom roles will need to be amended to work as standalone playbooks.
    • Vlad vars & settings will not be automatically passed to the custom playbook.
    • Vlad handlers will not be automatically made available to the custom playbook.
    • The custom playbook’s name & location is completely flexible.
  • Changed the core ‘vlad’ directory to be called ‘vlad_guts’ (#258).


  • Fix for directory not being accessible when using NPM (#223).
  • Fix for DNS addresses not being resolved correctly (#252).
  • Moved Vagrant Cachier support from :machine to :box (#257).
  • Fix for vmware provisioning (pull request #256).
  • Correction of syntax in a Solr provisioning task (pull request #251).
  • Correction of typo in main Vlad index.php file.
  • Added MySQL slow query log support (#155).
  • Added support for provisioning with a custom base box.

For a full list of changes please see the changelog : https://vlad-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/project/changelog

Vlad 1.1.4 Released