Vlad 1.1 released

User-facing highlights that you should be made aware of are as follows:


  • Multisite support. webserver_hostname_alias is now webserver_hostname_aliases and expects an array. See Variables – Webserver.
  • Support for multiple databases. dbname now expects an array. See Variables – MySQL.
  • Vlad requires Vagrant 1.6.4 or higher (Vlad will check).
  • Automatic database dumps now reside in vlad_aux/db_io/halt_destroy and are named after each database.
  • Optional automatic database import now points at vlad_aux/db_io/halt_destroy if set to true.

Non-breaking changes

  • Drush make support. See Variables – Drush make.
  • Automatic database dumps on halt/destroy now work again.
  • Amends to how Ansible playbooks need to be run if used separately from Vagrant. See Ansible.
  • Drush backups now relocated to vlad_aux/drush_backups.
  • Drush dumps now relocated to vlad_aux/db_io/drush_dumps.
  • Added Drupal 6 install script.
  • Drush alias support. See Variables – Other settings.
  • Now using Drush’s example .drush_bashrc file by default (dr & dssh FTW!).
  • Vlad now supports Windows.
  • Added a script called vlad-play.sh in order to help run Ansible tasks on the Vlad box. See Ansible.

This is not everything. The full change log is available here:


Vlad 1.1 released